Return/Exchange Policy: ® maintains a NO RETURN/NO EXCHANGE policy. Unlike physical products that can be physically returned, our house plans are sold in a digital format and are intangible until printed on to paper by the end user. Since digital house plans can be kept or stored in electronic devices that are private, there is no way for ®  to verify whether the digital files have been deleted or removed properly from all customer's private electronic devices and/or internet storage clouds. Therefore, we cannot allow refunds or exchanges. Please be sure of your selection before you order. Please contact our office if you have any concerns or questions before you order.


Can I make changes or modifications to your house plans?

Revising, Modifying and Customizing Plans: Like many homeowners who buy these plans, you and your builder, architect, designer, or structural engineer may want to make changes to them. Some minor changes may be made by your builder on site if allowed by the local building department, but we recommend that most changes be made on the drawings by a licensed certified residential designer, a certified architect, or structural engineer. The type of format you purchase will depend on the preferred format by the person who will be doing the modifications or whether they draw by hand or by computer. You have two types of formats available: (1) PDF files and (2) CAD files. PDFs can be used by someone who draws by hand by making prints on vellumns (reproducibles) from the PDF files. He will then revise/draw by hand on the printed vellumns. CAD files are for someone who use Computer Aided Drawing Software to make revisions or changes. You can either have us do the modifications or have your local designer or architect do them. Our customizing revision service can help you achieve the perfect dream home for you and your family. We take pride in our plans for detail and clarity, but if revisions are made by any firm except ours, we cannot guaranteed the same results. Each revision job is on a per quote basis, so please email your request for changes or contact our office and talk to one of our experienced residential designers for more information.

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